SPECIAL TWO 4 oz BOTTLES @ $25.00  OR TWO 8 oz BOTTLES @ $45.00


Whether it’s firing up your smoker, hosting a backyard cook-out, or simply the desire to dine outdoors, you’re constantly being annoyed by pesky insects lurking around your food.

100% Natural surface spray.

Safe for use around people and pets.

Effective surface spray for any outdoor event.

Effectively keeps bugs away from pet food.

100% Natural. 0% Questionable.

“I live in Northwest Florida and am typically inundated with flies when trying to eat outdoors. I used Insect Deflect and not one single fly came near my food. I highly recommend.”

Kelly K., Rosemary Beach, FL

Insect Deflect worked around our cat’s outdoor food area. The flies stay away. The fine mist sprayer distributes the product without creating a heavy residue on surfaces. We found out, by accident, that it also deters slugs from getting in our cat’s bowl. A win, win!”

Susanne C., Knoxville, TN

Sanitizes outdoor surfaces to keep flies, ants, gnats and other pesky insects away from food!